Non-Published Publishing Tools

Nowadays, every indie publisher seem to develop his or her own custom publishing tools, be it a custom website and newsletter tool or some fancy iOS app generator. While most of these tools will never see the glaring light of … Read more

Back to WordPress

Today, I’ve migrated my blog back to a WordPress installation, after having used Jekyll for a while. I really like the command-line approach of Jekyll, but mobile blogging has proved more difficult than expected, and static blog generation needed to … Read more

NSData Base64 Support

This took me by suprise today, when surfing the OS X Mavericks documentation: The NSData object now has built-in support for Base64 encoding and decoding.… Read more

Detecting Launch At Login Revisited

In the past, I presented two approaches for a sandboxed OS X application to check whether it was launched at login via a helper app or not. Both of them don’t work anymore on OS X 10.8 and newer, but … Read more

Links 3

Though there are some really nice OS X command line tools, there is not really much information available on how to write, build and distribute them. This is like in old times when you had to experiment and try out Read more

SMLoginItemSetEnabled Demystified

Have you ever wondered how the SMLoginItemSetEnabled function works? How to remove an application from launching at login from outside that application? Well, read on. … Read more

Bring Brow to Alfred

If you are using Brow to synchronize your Chrome and Firefox bookmarks with Spotlight, it is quite easy to also bring them to Alfred, the popular productivity application. … Read more