Thought of a new business model for the Mac App Store: As there are no in-app purchases (not yet?), why not write an app with a basic functionality and sell it for a moderate price. Then over time add more and more features and raise the price with each new feature. Users buying early will benefit from the relatively low initial price and support the developer at an early stage, while users buying later will pay more but will benefit from the already more extensive feature set. Will give this another thought.

Easy Trial Version for Mac App Store Code

After my first apps are now available on the Mac App Store, I wanted to prepare trials versions of these apps (something I should have done before launch, I know). Especially, I wanted to have some code ready to drop in any app to create a trial version and I surely didn’t want to maintain two separate code versions (or targets) for the Mac App Store version and the trial version. The following is a how-to for myself and might be useful also for you, fellow developers.

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