My initial release of Recent Menu has so far received with a friendly welcome. Thanks to everybody who has shared user experience and submitted feature ideas!

Since then, Recent Menu 1.0.1 has been released as trial version on my website. Its functions are the same as those of the Recent Menu 1.0 Mac App Store version, with only trial version code added. For the upcoming release of Recent Menu 1.1 I’m preparing some feature enhancements at the moment.

One feature request I heard from several users was the need to extend the filter preferences configuration. At the moment it is possible to define only one simple search string in the preferences window:

Old Preferences

If you want to have a custom filter showing recent files of different types, e.g. PDF files as well as DOC files, this is not possible right now. Though there is an experimental workaround for this, I will implement the possibility to define several comma-separated search strings per filter. This will look like this:


This will show all recently opened files with either the .pdf extension or the .doc extension. To have this new feature implemented will facilitate the creation of more sophisticated custom filters, hopefully.

In addition to this, there are some more feature ideas which might get implemented already in Recent Menu 1.1. Let’s wait and see!