I’ve received user reports that after updating to OS X Lion it seems that Recent Menu and Recent Redux aren’t working anymore. But have no fear, there ain’t no bugs in these apps and they will work with OS X Lion as they used to do with OS X Snow Leopard.

The reason why Recent Menu and Recent Redux don’t seem to work with OS X Lion after an update from OS X Snow Leopard is that right after the update Lion will start to re-build the Spotlight index. This looks like this:

Spotlight Indexing

Depending on your mac and the contents of its hard disk, re-indexing may take several hours to days. Until this process is finished, Spotlight won’t know the contents of your disks and neither will Recent Menu or Recent Redux. So please be patient. Once the little pulsing dot thing inside the Spotlight icon is gone, re-indexing is finished and everything will work again as it should.