Mac App Store Statistics 1

I always wondered where to find some nice Mac App Store statistics. It is easy to track my own apps but there is not much data out there on the overall numbers of Mac App Store apps and on how good apps of specific categories run in terms of sales. I’ve therefore begun to collect some data from the store which are quite interesting. I’ve prepared two diagrams highlighting the information I wanted to share with you.

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Recent Menu 1.1 released

As usually, it took more time than I expected or hoped, but finally Recent Menu 1.1 has been released. For existing customers it is available as a free update on the Mac App Store. For everybody else there is a free trial available for download. If you already used the trial version and time run up on you (the trial is fully functional but limited to 28 days), don’t worry as the trial period is reset with this new version and you can try again.

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