As usually, it took more time than I expected or hoped, but finally Recent Menu 1.1 has been released. For existing customers it is available as a free update on the Mac App Store. For everybody else there is a free trial available for download. If you already used the trial version and time run up on you (the trial is fully functional but limited to 28 days), don’t worry as the trial period is reset with this new version and you can try again.

Recent Menu 1.1

New features and other changes from Recent Menu 1.0 include:

  • It is now possible to have filters consisting of more than one filter argument. Just use the comma to separate filter arguments. If you define more than one filter argument for a filter, the arguments will be joined by a logical OR operator. For a more detailed explanation of this feature, please see this blog entry. This new feature makes it easy to compose more sophisticated custom filters. If you need even more filtering power, please consider using Recent Redux which is far more powerful in this respect.
  • It is now possible to restore all pre-defined filters to its factory settings. Just in case you mess something up.
  • The hotkey is now configurable so you can define your favourite key combination to bring Recent Menu to front.
  • For email files Recent Menu now shows the subject line instead of the file name (tip: use the UTI search string “” or the filename search string “*.emlx” to filter for email messages).
  • Only in the trial version: The trial period is reset in each new app version.
  • The help was enhanced.
  • Fixes for several small bugs.

This being it for the moment. I’ve already several ideas I would like to see in Recent Menu 1.2. and development is starting tomorrow. I will provide you with a ‘From the Lab’ preview blog entry once I’ve decided which new features will make it for 1.2.