And yet another chart, this time with the growth of the overall number of apps for each Mac App Store category. The chart below shows the percentage growth of the number of paid and unpaid apps tagged with a specific category between August 24 and September 27 for the US Mac App Store. The overall number of tags is now 14.697, up from 13.383. The overall number of apps in the Mac App Store should therefore now be around 7.349, up from around 6.691, this is a overall plus of 658 or 9.8 % compared to the number of apps four weeks ago. This is quite in line with SplatF’s data where a 20 % growth between July 13 and September 20 was reported.

MAS Growth

Growth of Number of Tags for Paid and Unpaid Apps, Aug 24 until Sep 27

I’ll have another look at this growth rates in a couple of weeks. For some background how I got the data and some assumptions on how the number of category tags is related to the overall number of apps, please have a look at the Mac App Store Statistics #1.