Apps without Interfaces

Software without user interfaces is cool. This is about minimalism and “one thing well” and “keep it simple” and “less is more” and about less distraction: If we assume that software typically presents at least some information to the user, it follows that applications without real user interfaces will have to use UI elements which are already present, provided either by the operating system or by other running applications.

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Brow: Programming in the Age of the Sandbox

On June 1, Apple will enforce Sandboxing for all new apps on the Mac App Store. It has been already widely discussed how this will affect developers and especially certain types of apps. Not least Utility apps which need to have a wide file system access or which are a kind of system service without a real user interface will have hard times making it in the Mac App Store now. I found it a fascinating idea to start a new programming project with exactly this kind of app in mind, just for the reason of testing the limits of how far one can go inside the sandbox. And for the reason that my two existing apps still need to be migrated to the sandbox.

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