Recent Menu 1.2.1 released

I have released Recent Menu 1.2.1 today. It looks like a small update, and indeed it doesn’t bring new features. However, it is a real milestone as it adds support for OS X’s sandbox to Recent Menu. This is good not only because it increases the security of systems running Recent Menu. Due to new Apple Mac App Store policies, without sandbox support it would have been impossible to add any features to Recent Menu. Now, with Recent Menu 1.2.1, I can go on to add fancy new features to it.

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Monotony 1.0.1 is out

I’ve just released Monotony 1.0.1 on the Mac App Store. If you already downloaded it (remember: it’s free), you should see the update shortly, otherwise just get the app. This new version brings some bug fixes for issues related to detection and display of feed icons.

The Launch At Login Sandbox Project

Sometimes it is useful for an app to launch at login. While a user can always accomplish this in the system preferences, having the possibility to turn on auto-launching inside the app is better. While in the glorious past this could be implemented in a number of ways, now in the age of the sandbox it is quite tricky to achieve. This tutorial will show how. It is a more comprehensive sequel to Delite Studio’s tutorial from October 2011 and /dev/random’s tutorial from January 2012.

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