Monotony How-To: Migrate your feed list from trial to paid version

If you have used the Monotony trial version (available for download) and afterwards bought the paid version from the Mac App Store, your list of feeds you’ve subscribed to won’t be automatically migrated from the trial version to the paid version, as this isn’t possible due to Apple’s sandbox restrictions. However, there is a workaround and you can easily migrate the feed list manually.
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Having fun with Mountain Lion’s Notification Center

Mountain Lion’s new Notification Center is a cool thing, sure, and it didn’t take long before first third-party enhancements where available for it. As long as Growl hasn’t been updated to support Notification Center’s notifications, tools like Hiss and MountainGrowl are useful to combine redirect Growl notifications to the Notification Center. Some more exotic tools are also available, for example terminal-notifier for posting notifications from the terminal, or EnCee for effectively hijacking the Notification Center.

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Collecting Code

Here and there I’ve posted several source code examples on this blog. While until now this code was available only within the respective blog posts, I’ve now collected all published examples and for convenient access made them available on a designated page.