Today I’ve released Monotony 1.1. This update brings support for Mountain Lion’s Notification Center to Monotony, so if you run Monotony on OS X 10.8 it will automatically use Notification Center to display notifications instead of Growl.

This means that Monotony’s notifications aren’t gone anymore if you don’t click on them. Instead, they will be shown in Notification Center:

Monotony 1.1 with Notification Center

You can also configure Notification Center to show Monotony’s notifications the way you like, e.g. to show notifications on the desktop for just a couple of seconds:

Monotony 1.1 Notification

or to make the notifications sticky:

Monotony 1.1 Sticky Notification

or to don’t show them on the desktop at all. Click on notifications while they’re showing, or click on notifications shown in Notification Center to open the associated feed entry in your default web browser. If you’re still with OS X 10.7, nothing will change for you and Monotony will still use Growl.

In addition to this new feature, Monotony 1.1 brings numerous bug fixes and other improvements:

  • Performance improvements (less CPU load)
  • Fix for issue of Monotony not being able to subscribe to specific feed URLs
  • Feed and feed icon recognition improved for feeds powered by Feedsportal and Feedburner
  • Improved feed selection dialog when subscribing to a site offering several feeds (bug fixes, graphical improvements, selection panel now showing feeds‘ full titles and URLs)
  • Fix for issue of main window showing on launch at login when running on OS X 10.8
  • Monotony now registers as feed URL handler with OS X
  • Fix for issue of notifications showing over and over again for specific feeds
  • Fix for issue of Monotony showing too many feed entries after wake up from sleep
  • Fix for issue of Growl notifications being displayed for a too short period of time

If you already got Monotony via the Mac App Store, the 1.1 update will be there, waiting for you. If you don’t have Monotony, get it from the Mac App Store. I will also make a trial version available on the Monotony product page later this week.