After quite some time, I have today released Monotony 1.2. As you might remember, there were some problems with Monotony 1.1, so Monotony wasn’t available during the last few months. I have sorted out everything, hopefully, and Monotony will now work as it should.

The most important change between Monotony 1.1 and Monotony 1.2 happened under the hood, as I’ve replaced Apple’s PubSub framework I used for feed subscription and feed parsing with a custom implementation. Also, Monotony now refreshes feeds not every 60 seconds, but dynamically and depending on the number of subscribed feeds (but at least every five minutes).

For more information, please visit the Monotony product page. Monotony 1.2 is available for free on the Mac App Store but you might also want to try the Monotony 1.3 beta, bringing Growl support to Monotony when running under OS X 10.8.