If you are using Brow to synchronize your Chrome and Firefox bookmarks with Spotlight, it is quite easy to also bring them to Alfred, the popular productivity application.

While Alfred will not recognize Brow’s synced bookmarks on its own, it is terribly easy to teach Alfred that behaviour, and you don’t need to have the Alfred Powerpack in order for this to work.

First, open the Alfred preferences and navigate to the Features tab and then to the Default Results section. There, click on the Advanced button:

Alfred Preferences

Then, open a Finder window and navigate to the folder ~/Brow, where you should see folders named Firefox and Chrome (depending on your Brow settings). Inside these folders will be bookmark files created by Brow. Now choose one of these files, it doesn’t matter which, drag it to Alfreds modal dialog table and drop it there:

Teach Alfred

Now Alfred has learned to work with Brow’s bookmarks and the window should look like this:

Now Alfred knows

Close the preferences window and you are ready. You can now use your Firefox and Chrome bookmarks in Alfred just like you can do with your Safari bookmarks.