A while ago I shared how I managed, with help from Fuzzing on Edison, to power my Intel Edison without breakout board. While soldering the two power connector wires to the Edison worked, it was not a good job, as the tiny solder joints tended to break very easily once I touched and moved the wires.

After some tinkering, I have now managed to have a more durable solution to power the Edison without a breakout board:

better boardless edison

For the ground wire (the black one in the image) it is easy to achieve this by using a 2 mm screw and nut, together with a fitting wire shoe.

The 4,5 V power wire (the red one in the image) took me some more time to figure out but what was finally working was to solder the wire in a 90 degree position, so that it is more or less lying on the surface of the Edison:

flat cable design

I then applied one drop of superglue to the solder joint, which evenly distributed itself (due to its adhesive attributes, I think) around the wire and “locked” it in the lying position. Long-term testing to come, this looks durable.