Adobe Flash Player OS X Update Script

Perhaps the Adobe Flash Player will not be around anymore in a few years. Until then, some of us are still using it, people like me. I don’t fancy the update mechanisms it offers, though, neither automatic updates nor the annoying pop-up thing.

There has been some Bash code around since a long time on how to update the Adobe Flash Player from the OS X command line. I have taken some of it and adapted it to current OS X El Capitan. When called, it will check if an update is available and, if it is, install it.

EURO 2016: Laws of the Game

Until today, I didn’t know about the International Football Association Board, which is the non-governmental organisation that is responsible for maintaining the official global football rules (the “Laws of the Game”). I also didn’t know that this organisation has exactly five members – of course the FIFA, but also the [English] Football Association, the Scottish Football Association, the Football Association of Wales and the [Northern] Irish Football Association.

You should read the Laws of the Game. They’re not only very informative, but at times also funny. Would you have known about this clause from Law 17 (“The Corner Kick”):

A goal may be scored directly form a corner kick, but only against the opposing team

They wouldn’t have created such a rule if this didn’t happen at some time in the past, though I honestly can’t imagine how it should be possible to kick an own goal from a corner kick.


This blog is now being served via https-only. If you’re still not using https: It’s really easy to switch and you don’t need to buy a certificate anymore. Using Let’s Encrypt, this is what I typed on my server (aside from a few additional “yes” and <Enter>):

git clone
cd certbot
./certbot-auto –apache

That’s all. Blog up and running. Do it!