By and by I’ve posted some Cocoa source code on this blog. This page collects all this code and provides for easy access. License information is contained within each download or in the accompanying blog post.

Arrow Button

Arrow Button is a set of two OS X Cocoa classes containing custom arrow-shaped NSButton subclasses to be used as a replacement for round textured NSButton instances. Source code is available in on GitHub, some usage details have been published in my blog.

Flash Update

Bash script to update Adobe Flash Player on OS X (NPAPI Version), available on GitHub Gist.

Launch At Login Sandbox Project

Sample code for implementing launch at login functionality in sandboxed OS X apps. Download the source code from GitHub and see this blog post for explanations.


An unofficial Objective-C Framework for Berg’s Little Printer Direct Print API, available on GitHub.

ncMeta Project

The ncMeta Project is a set of classes for having fun with Mountain Lion’s Notification Center. It allows to monitor certain aspects of Notification Center’s behaviour, such as whether the Notification Center is visible or not, and which new notifications (from any app) have been delivered to it. Source code and usage details are available in on GitHub, or just download the ncMeta application.

PieCrust CMS Feed XML

A file template for creating a RSS feed from within the PieCrust CMS. Available on GitHub Gist, explanation available in this blog post.

Recent Menu

The source code of my app Recent Menu, available on GitHub. For the moment only poorly documented, unfortunately.


A tiny Cocoa class for getting the file paths of all instances of an application identified by its bundle identifier. Needs Spotlight to be enabled to work and at least Xcode 4.4 and OS X 10.7. Get the source code and read the introduction.