Adobe Flash Player OS X Update Script

Perhaps the Adobe Flash Player will not be around anymore in a few years. Until then, some of us are still using it, people like me. I don’t fancy the update mechanisms it offers, though, neither automatic updates nor the annoying pop-up thing.

There has been some Bash code around since a long time on how to update the Adobe Flash Player from the OS X command line. I have taken some of it and adapted it to current OS X El Capitan. When called, it will check if an update is available and, if it is, install it.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Steven Cherry has written an essay about automation and artificial intelligence for the New Scientist. I took two insights from it:

Malone’s third law: “Every technology breakthrough takes twice as long as we expected and half as long as we are prepared for.

So, let’s give real automation with artificial intelligence a few decades, from today.

In fact, all jobs are at risk, even the software programmer’s.

I agree that automation will target all employment sectors, but I would argue that the degree of risk will be divided very unevenly between different professions.