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Cocoa Harvest, 2011

The days get shorter, the nights longer, and people retreat to the fireplace reading books. Publishers have announced quite a number of forthcoming Mac OS X programming titles for autumn and winter. Such announcements don‘t mean that titles are actually … Read more

Sandbox of Doom

It is said that from November 2011 on all apps on the Mac App Store will have to implement Application Sandboxing. Basically, this mean that an app will run inside its private little sandbox and has only limited access to … Read more

From the Lab: Scroll Capture

Recently I needed to take a picture of the entire content of a huge scroll view, i.e. a view inside an application of which only a small part was visible on the screen. I was suprised that most available screenshot … Read more

Easy Trial Version for Mac App Store Code

After my first apps are now available on the Mac App Store, I wanted to prepare trials versions of these apps (something I should have done before launch, I know). Especially, I wanted to have some code ready to drop … Read more

Strange Kind of Focus Ring

According to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for OS X (HIG), a focus ring is “Highlighting around onscreen area that is ready to accept user input.”. It is shown as a blue bezel around that control which has the keyboard focus. … Read more

The Seven Cities of ZIP

I just wanted to add some zip file handling capacity to my code, well, it ended in some confusion. While there is no genuine support for zip files in Cocoa and Objective-C, there are several ways to achieve that which … Read more

How to connect Xcode, SVN and Versions

Honestly speaking, it took me an awful lot of time to setup and connect Xcode (the Apple OS X development suite) with the Subversion source code control system SVN and Versions (aka Versions.app), one of the newer Subversion Mac clients … Read more