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Design Makeover

Time for a fresh new design for this site. I wanted to get rid of the shadows, the borders, the fuzzy different shades of grey colors and instead follow a clear, legible and more minimalistic design approach.… Read more

Apps without Interfaces

Software without user interfaces is cool. This is about minimalism and “one thing well” and “keep it simple” and “less is more” and about less distraction: If we assume that software typically presents at least some information to the user, … Read more

Things I don’t like about feed readers

Mac RSS feed reader apps are a booming software genre. Every few months a new powerful app is published, with a polished interface and lots of cool functions. I argue that feed reader apps shouldn’t be designed as if they … Read more

Strange Kind of Focus Ring

According to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for OS X (HIG), a focus ring is “Highlighting around onscreen area that is ready to accept user input.”. It is shown as a blue bezel around that control which has the keyboard focus. … Read more

iOSification, continued

The term iOSification is quite accurate in describing a recent trend in Mac user interface design. First used by One Thing Well (September 2010), as far as I’m aware of. It describes a trend of which I’m not sure how … Read more