The Seven Cities of ZIP

I just wanted to add some zip file handling capacity to my code, well, it ended in some confusion. While there is no genuine support for zip files in Cocoa and Objective-C, there are several ways to achieve that which are described here and there on developer sites. I tried to categorize these possibilities while evaluating how to add zip support to my application, so let’s see what I found. Of course I will have missed something somewhere, please give me a hint if you know of additional zip support possibilities.

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How to connect Xcode, SVN and Versions

Honestly speaking, it took me an awful lot of time to setup and connect Xcode (the Apple OS X development suite) with the Subversion source code control system SVN and Versions (aka, one of the newer Subversion Mac clients (another one being Cornerstone). Now it actually seems I got it working with a local repository. To help me not forgetting the configuration details I’ve written this tutorial: It’s only six easy steps to get it up and running!

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